The Dino Experience

A Mad, Mischievous, Musical, Marvellous, Magical Dinosaur Show! A funny, imaginative and interactive show for all the family!

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How to Train your Dinosaur!

Calling all dinosaur owners and little explorers to come and meet our dinosaurs and learn how to train your own dinosaur. 

How do you control a rebellious 2-year old T.rex with temper tantrums?

Can you force a naughty Triceratops to sit on the naughty step? (And will the step survive?)

Will a lullaby help giddy Dino Babies sleep? Or will it make them dance?!

All this and more!

The Dino Shows are interactive and full of fun - with education woven throughout, as well as song, music, mischief and lots of laughter!

Our Dinosaurs

Dexter is a 2-year old T.rex and already 4.5 metres long!  He’s a feathered T.rex, with a cheeky but affectionate nature.  He looks a bit scary but is a sweetie most of the time!

Tiny the huge Triceratops is simply jaw-dropping too! Launched a year ago, he has proved to be a huge success. His awesome presence appeals to all ages.  He loves playing follow-my-leader with a trail of tiny tots stomping along behind him! 

The Dino Babies are simply awesome and adorable! Everyone wants to stroke and photograph them! We have several in the family and each has a quirky character of its own!