Big Jam Sandwich – Summer Picnic In The Park is a one day ticketed outdoor fun filled family event  for children up to 11 years of age, older children are permitted and we do have activities for them to partake in.

We provide a safe, family friendly event where the audience can enjoy live acts and shows with a focus on interactive play in a family relaxed entertainment.

The event will take place within an enclosed licensed site at Garons Park Southend-On-Sea, Essex.
Customer opening hours are between 11am and 6pm with the live stage headline acts between midday and 4pm.


On arrival, where do I go?

You will receive an email the week prior confirming all info


What time should I arrive?

7:45am for morning shift. Please arrive no later than this.
Midday for the afternoon shift. Please arrive no later than this


How long is my shift?

4.5 hours for half day shift (with refreshment breaks where possible)
9 hours for full day (with Free lunch and breaks where possible)


What should I wear?

Comfortable and practical clothes & shoes. Check weather reports a few days prior.


Do we need to know anything about safety,  evacuation procedure, or first aid?

No, in the event of an incident you would notify the nearest person with a radio and pass responsibility to them.


What about lost children?

There is a system in place to deal with missing/lost children. If you find an unaccompanied child, or a parent reports that they have mislaid a child, please inform security/steward who will then take the appropriate steps.


Do I get free parking?

Yes you will have free parking all day


What sort of jobs will volunteers be required to do?

You will be helping out in a number of roles, such as wristbanding and ticketing, directing crowds and helping in our activation zones
Each activation will have a manager that will give direction


What do you get out of it?

Half day Volunteers:  You get 2 free tickets for your family you can either volunteer for the morning 8 to half 12 or afternoon half 12 to 5pm  

Full day Volunteers : You get 4 free tickets for your family plus lunch vouchers for yourself


The volunteer must be over 18


Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.